Moment Voyager XVI ski bindings


The Moment Voyager XVI is the touring binding you—and we—have been waiting for.

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The Moment Voyager XVI is the touring binding you—and we—have been waiting for.

Last year we worked with ATK of Italy, leaders in tech binding innovation since 2007, to bring you the Voyager platform: the most advanced tech binding on the market. While we couldn’t be happier that doesn’t mean that it can’t be better.

Enter the Voyager XVI. Stronger, burlier and badder than before. Building on the Voyager platform we dropped the ramp, making the binding even flatter and bumped the release range up, making it the highest of any tech binding on the market, better suited for the most aggressive skiers—those who redefine the limits of what is possible on tech bindings. The updated Integrated Freeride Spacer has been reinforced, more durable than ever before to better overcome the shortcomings present in every other tech binding—suspension between pins and the ever present heel gap. Eliminating heel gap and ensuring constant interface with the full width of the boot provides power transmission not possible in any other tech binding. While most tech bindings incorporate higher ramp, lifting the heel substantially higher than the toe the Voyager XVI has a flattened freeride oriented stance which allows for a more natural athletic position providing more power and easier pivoting for wider, more rockered skis. Built on an oversized mounting platform, with low ramp Freeride Stance Geometry, and substantial elastic travel, all in an ultra-light package, the Voyager XVI further blurs the line between aggressive freeride and light, efficient free touring like no binding we have ever seen, and like nothing you’ve ever skied.

Nothing beyond reach.

Oversized 45mm Mount Pattern
Increased power transmission on wider skis for improved control, faster turn initiation, and quicker engagement

Integrated Freeride Spacer
Eliminates heel gap for constant ski to boot interface and widens contact with ski for superior power transmission and retention

Integrated Dynamic AFDs
Ensure precise release for maximum performance with uncompromising safety

Release range 9-16


Freeride Stance Geometry
7mm heel/toe drop

Cam Release System
Vibration damping, shock absorption, and ease of entry

12mm Elastic Response
Dampens vibration, reliable retention, and consistent release


Springless Toe Piece Design

7075 Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and POM

385g with Brakes and Hardware


Spring Free Toe Piece Design:
Spring free toe piece prevents snow/ice build up, ensuring easy entry/exit, and consistent release while keeping added snow weight to a minimum.

Prevents snow/ice buildup, easier step in, and more reliable release.

Uphill Hardness Variator:
Allows for change in the tension of lockout force in the toes, compensating for boot wear, ensuring retention when locked out and reducing strain on the mechanism.

Bindings adjust as your equipment wears, giving you years of like new performance.


Cam Release:
Cammed release pins provide the most stable downhill performance, ensuring industry leading release precision and the softest step in available.

Downhill stability, softest step in, most consistent release.

Elastic Response System:
12mm of elasticity ensures natural ski flex, vibration damping and shock absorption for industry leading retention during large landings and aggressive skiing.

12mm of elasticity, natural ski flex, vibration damping, and shock absorption.

Integrated Freeride Spacer:
Ensures constant interface between ski and boot providing phenomenal power transfer, superior driving power, and increased retention during compression from rough landings and aggressive skiing. Dynamic AFDs incorporated into the platform ensure precise release for maximum performance with uncompromising safety (AFD elasticity and elastic travel distance coincide for maximum preservation of power transfer).

Eliminates heel gap for superior lateral power transfer, uncompromised driving force and retention during compression while maintaining consistent release.

Magneto Heel Flaps:
Magnetic locking heel risers allow for 5 different climbing heights (flat + 4 raised).

Quick flip-lock magnetic heel risers, 5 available climbing heights that won’t come undone.

Oversized Mount Pattern:
45mm mount pattern allows for better power transfer on wider skis for improved control, faster turn initiation, and quicker engagement.

More driving power and better power transfer on wider skis.

Dimensions 72 in

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