Moment 2022 Wildcat 101 skis


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The Wildcat 101 is the newest recruit in the Wildcat gang, and it delivers the versatility of Mustache Rocker alongside the speed, agility, and dimensions of an all-mountain freestyle ski. With enough surface area to keep you up on a storm day and the stable stompability of an aspen/ash core, this kitty is designed to shine where its big brothers only just get by: on hardpack, in bumps, rippin’ ‘roy, and airing out anything from park features to side hits. If you’ve been looking for a ski that delivers the playful, energetic feeling of the original Wildcat, but tailored for dry spells and classic East Coast conditions, well…bon appetit, baby. Because that’s exactly what the Wildcat 101 is designed to do.


Rocker at the tip and tail with camber underfoot allows for incredible float and maneuverability in trees and chutes while maintaining a significant amount of edge hold and suspension for icy runouts, groomers and everything in between.

Aspen / Ash Wood Core

Full length, knot free, vertically laminated in house. Our aspen/ash core provides a unique blend of liveliness and outstanding dampening, allowing for playful platforms that charge hard.

ABS Sidewall

Extruded sidewalls constructed of modified Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) provide stiffness, dampening, durability. Allow for more impact resistance and easier repairs that stay put so you can bring the abuse year after year, season after season.

Carbon Fiber Hybrid Composite Structure

A custom blend of triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber that provides torsional rigidity along with longitudinal pop and composure at speed.

7500 Series Carbon Base

Skis are tools not treasures and that means they need to take a beating which is why use carbon infused sintered UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene). Harder, faster and with better wax absorption and retention than extruded bases this is the industry leader for performance and longevity.

2.2 Euro Edge

There are only a handful of edge manufacturers in the world. We go straight to the source for the best of the best. We use only 2.2mm Rockwell 48 hardened steel edges. Heat treated additionally in house to ensure you get nothing but the absolute most out of your skis.

174cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 18.0m 1425mm 7.25lbs / 3.29kg -5cm
179cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 20.0m 1475mm 7.57lbs / 3.43kg -5cm
184cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 21.0m 1525mm 7.88lbs / 3.57kg -5cm
190cm 128mm 101mm 121mm 23.0m 1585mm 8.22lbs / 3.72kg -5cm
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 72 in