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Hey everybody it’s Bob from Fire On The Mountain, I just want to take a quick moment to tell you, we’re super stoked this year with the 2023 Moment Ski collection out of Reno Nevada (US Made), they have a super innovative design. As always, the favorite is the Death Wish with the triple camber profile-nobody else is doing that this year (or any year), we have the Wildcat with the mustache rocker for the all mountain playful ski and we’ll still have the Commander as well which has the metal for east coast ripping.

We’ve expanded the touring selection this year-we’re going to have the women’s Bella, similar shape to the Death Wish but much lighter The Wildcat Tour, always a favorite, and now we have the new Hot Mess for the ladies that can really rip it up. We’re also going to have shop demos for people to try-andwe are the only shop east of the Mississippi that sell Moment Skis.

Check us out online at, or call us at 603-742-1019 to reserve a demo today.

Hey Everybody!  

It’s Bob from Fire On The Mountain, I just wanted to take a quick second to introduce a new brand for us this year, Cardiff Snowcraft out of Salt Lake City. We are really stoked that these guys were trying to get onto the East Coast and that they selected Fire On The Mountain as one of the shops to introduce this brand. There are three different shapes we are going to sell this year-we’ve got the Goat model which is your aggressive freestyle shape, The Crane which is a centered stance (more playful freestyle oriented shape)and we have The Powgoda, which is a tapered volume reduction free ride powder shape. There are 2 different builds: the Enduro build which is their standard construction, very technical, and then you’ve got your Carbon build for that ultra light-weight missile for those that have tons of disposable income. All the solid boards come as a split board, with the same shape, and the split boards come in both the Enduro and Carbon builds. So come check them out at, make an appointment or call 603-742-1019 so you can learn more about our new friends from Salt Lake City, Cardiff Snowcraft.

Hi Everyone!!!  

We just got a big shipment in of Burton Step-On products.    We have The Ions,The Kendos and The Photons as well as bindings.  The Ions are the highest end with every bit of tech including the lifeliners.  The Kendos and the Photons have the Imprint 3’s.  All of them are heat moldable! 

Come visit us at the shop, or buy them now online and we can ship them to you (or you can easily pick them up too).
603 742 1019

It's Time For Back Country!

Hi Everybody, it’s Bob from Fire On The Mountain.  We are hitting February, the snow is pretty good, and we just wanted to let you know for you back country customers that we still have some good inventory, especially in boots, there are deals to be had! So check us first when you’re looking for touring gear.  We have left over skis, we have left over boots and they are priced to move!



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