Marker KingPin 10 ski binding

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The Marker KingPin has redefined the standard in alpine touring binding technology. This high performance, innovative alpine touring binding is the first PinTech binding in the world to gain DIN ISO 13992:2007 certification from Germany’s prestigious TÜV testing organization. Developed for a wide range of skiing environments, the KINGPIN is a standout product in three key areas: added Protection and safety Performance via optimal power transmission and Comfort in the form of easy operation in both ski and walk mode.

The KINGPIN has a defined, configurable release setting that triggers reliably. It includes an active length compensation function to ensure proper release, even when the ski is flexed. KINGPIN delivers consistent release values that can be inspected using standard release testing equipment. The binding’s trailblazing heel design allows for direct, undiminished power transfer, meaning the best possible skiing performance on both the ascent and descent. The KINGPIN has been engineered down to the last detail to ensure optimal comfort – the operation of the climbing aids, as well as the switch from walk to ski mode, are refreshingly simple. Adjustable guide points on the toe pieces make it easier to click in. When compared with other PinTech bindings, the KINGPIN offers greater security and power – and all of that at a scant 730g (Kingpin 10 & 13, per binding with brake).

KINGPIN Heel – Maximum power transmission and direct energy transfer Unlike traditional PinTech bindings, the revolutionary KINGPIN heel construction offers ideal power transmission: the XXL Power Transmitter is designed with wide contact points to hold the heel of the boot broadly along the outer edge. This eliminates any play in the tipping forces when initiating a turn, transmitting those forces directly from the binding to the ski. Because the steering impulse in skiing is largely initiated from the heel, the KINGPIN’s heel stands out for its undiminished, direct power transfer. Further enhancing this effect is a wide (38mm) hole pattern. The heel can be switched from walk to ski mode even during critical situations like challenging steeps, quickly and simply.

KINGPIN Toe Piece – Six springs for greater safety & performance The Six Pack Power Spring, produced from high-quality steel, delivers increased energy absorption when compared with traditional four-spring PinTech toe pieces. They also hold the boot powerfully and securely in place. One major benefit of KINGPIN is that, when the toe of the binding is in ski mode the skier still has the security and retention needed for high performance skiing. Individually adjustable guide points position the boot properly to make clicking in extremely easy. The crampon bracket is permanently integrated into the toe piece. As with the heel piece, the toe piece also has a broad drill pattern of 38mm.

KINGPIN Climbing Aids – Simple to operate KINGPIN offers three climbing positions (0°, 7°, and 13° at a sole length of 310 mm), thanks to two integrated climbing aids These helpful tools are easy to fold in and out using the tip of a ski pole. They are positioned in the center of the heel piece for easy access.

KINGPIN Brake – Two brakes for any width The KINGPIN is available with two different brakes, one for skis 75-100 mm in width and one for skis 100-125 mm in width). The brake system contains advanced safety features, including a system designed to lock the brake automatically when switched to walk mode, and to unlock it immediately when switched back to ski mode. When the heel of the boot steps in, the brakes also fold inward, eliminating the classic problem of the brake arm protruding far beyond the ski. The brake can also be easily changed.

Crampons – Bracket on the toe pieces For extra challenging climbing situations involving ice or crusty snow, crampons can be conveniently mounted on the toe pieces of the KINGPIN.

Crampons are available in 90, 105, and 120mm (SOLD SEPARATELY).

DIN range: 5-10

Height w/o ski: 21 mm

Brake Width: 100mm

Weight without brake: 650 grams

Weight with brake: 730 grams

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 72 in