Moment 2024 Commander 92 skis



At a svelte 92mm underfoot, the Commander 92 is a true ripper like we’ve never made before.



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A few years ago, a metal-laminate ski wouldn’t have made it past the drawing board—let alone a sub-100mm-waisted hard pack destroyer with dual-metal laminates and vertical-sidewall construction worthy of a race room where all the techs sound like the Terminator.

But a few years ago is basically another lifetime, and the fact is, nothing goes better with corduroy than titanal and tight dimensions. We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve always had a need for speed and the prospect of putting out a hard-carving frontside ski the way we believe one should be built has us pretty excited. At a svelte 92mm underfoot, the Commander 92 is a true ripper like we’ve never made before.

We wanted a ski as capable of snapping you from turn to turn on bulletproof boilerplate as it is easily dumping out of a max-G arc before you lose your breakfast. The result is a completely new shape and profile built for faster engagement, supreme composure, and maximum support. Pair that with a painstakingly refined sidecut and flex profile and add a touch deeper tail rise than your average frontside ski, and it’s all shockingly compliant and accessible. That said, this ski is made for carving and it’s all business, so unless you want a full-fledged charger—which some of you certainly do—we strongly suggest you size down. You’ll still find it plenty supportive. Trust us.

The Commander 92 is stiffer, damper, and a hell of a lot quicker than anything we’ve cooked up before. And while taking it off-piste is definitely possible—even enjoyable in the right conditions—we won’t feed you a line like,  “Destroys groomers but also dominates the entire mountain!”  That’s bullshit.

At Moment we build with a purpose. Not a boardroom-approved target demographic. In our minds, the Commander 92 is as close as we ever want to get to a pure carving ski, and frankly, that’s what we plan to do with it ourselves. Turn fast and kick ass. Maybe even rock a headband, turtleneck, pair of Vaurnets, and a cigarette if we’re feeling it. It’s that kind of vibe, and hopefully, you’re here for it.

Length Tip Waist Tail Radius Effective Edge Weight (Pair) Mount
170cm 131mm 92mm 113mm 16.0m 1475mm 8.19lbs / 3.72kg -10cm
176cm 131mm 92mm 113mm 17.0m 1535mm 8.47lbs / 3.85kg -10cm
182cm 131mm 92mm 113mm 18.0m 1595mm 8.76lbs / 3.98kg -10cm
188cm 131mm 92mm 113mm 19.0m 1655mm 9.11lbs / 4.14kg -10cm




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