Voile Light Speed Splitboard Binding


Splitboard innovation just took a massive leap forward.

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Splitboard innovation just took a massive leap forward.

Locked to your board-half and loaded with features, this is Voile’s most impressive splitboard binding yet. In standard Voile (mad genius) fashion, they’ve taken the best elements of their products and combined them into something truly promethean.

Witness the Voile Light Speed Binding, now complete with a marvelously simple and pin-free Quick-Lock touring bracket. Naturally, it employs Voile’s most durable materials and time-tested manufacturing methods: during your tours, T6-tempered rails snap securely to a precision-formed apparatus of stainless steel and Super-Tough nylon.

The Light Speed also inherits Voile bindings’ unparalleled ergonomic adjustability, and includes all of the celebrated add-ons from years past. It couldn’t be easier to transform your stance from tour mode to a customized forward lean angle with the Ride-N-Stride Highback. While traversing ridgelines, sidestepping, or when cruising rolling terrain to the next ascent, the Heel Lock does just what its name suggests. The Light Speed includes our indestructible toe and ankle straps, a fully adjustable heel cup, and easy puck access… a fool-proof rear latch plate for securing the binding in ride mode…. dual height climbing wires….. a no-nonsense Dynafit style crampon claw………


  • Dual Climbing Heels
  • Heel Lock
  • Light Speed Touring Bracket
  • Ride-N-Stride Highback


Size Small Medium Large
Color Grey Grey Grey
Boot Size 4-7.5 USM 8-10.5 USM 11+ USM
Weight(lbs/​kg)/​Pair 3lbs 5oz/​​1.5kg 3lbs 5oz/​​1.5kg 3lbs 6oz/​​1.53kg
Base Plate Material 6061-T6 Tempered 6061-T6 Tempered 6061-T6 Tempered
Rail Material 7075-T6 Tempered 7075-T6 Tempered 7075-T6 Tempered
Dimensions 72 in

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