Altai Kuna Kids universal binding


An Altai binding specifically for kids!

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Around  2019 we started working on a kids binding using ideas we had been working on for universal bindings in general. The goals were to make a binding specifically for kids. This binding would fit a wide range of shoes and sizes, be easy to put for even smaller kids, be lightweight, and give the user good ski performance for both touring and skiing down hills. After a lot of stops and starts, 3D printing, and reworking, we settled on the Kuna design we  are now producing.

There are two main adjustments on the binding, one is a gross adjustment with a side locking cam buckle and the 2nd adjustment is the front throw for daily use. The binding is almost 1.2 the weight of the older cut down universal and very simple to put on. It fits (depending on the boot style) up to a mens 7 and down to at least a 12 children’s size.

Universal bindings are especially well suited for kids setups. They are ideal for just using the winter boots the child may already have, and can adjust up in size for years of use. They are also great for school programs where kids can use their own boots and adjust quickly for getting out and skiing without changing boots.

We choose the name Kuna (wolverine) as in the Altai Mountains the wolverine is known for its incredible ability to travel over deep snow.

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